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Meet the Owner

Gianna Rock Climbing


I'm a dog mom to two beautiful Great Pyrenees. I love to travel and share my journey and adventures with the world. When I was young I was given a Coolpix camera for my 13th birthday, which is when my love for photography really truly started. 

Once I got older I started realizing how important it is to photograph everything and be out in the world showing people there is more. After attending College for Creative Studies I moved out west to Big Sky, Montana, and started my photography journey there. I learned the importance of photographing everything just right.


Images last a lifetime and they tell a story of the past, one day I hope my kids will look back on all the pictures and remember the joy and feel the love in those images. 

Fun Fact

I'm a complete movie buff and can quote almost any movie after seeing it once.

Not only can I quote the movie but if they have an accent I can also mimic their voices! 

Favorite Movie

Right now Black Widow!!! 


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