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The Team

Who We Are

Gianna Rock Climbing


I'm a wife and a dog mom to two beautiful Great Pyrenees. I love to travel and share my journey and adventures with the world. When I was young I was given a Coolpix camera for my 13th birthday, which is when my love for photography really truly started. 

Once I got older I started realizing how important it is to photograph everything and be out in the world showing people there is more. After attending College for Creative Studies I moved out west to Big Sky, Montana, and started my photography journey there. I learned the importance of photographing everything just right.


Images last a lifetime and they tell a story of the past, one day I hope my children will look back on all the pictures and remember the joy and feel the love in those images. 

Fun Fact

I'm a complete movie buff and can quote almost any movie after seeing it once.

Not only can I quote the movie but if they have an accent I can also mimic their voices! 

Favorite Movie

Right now Black Widow!!! 



I am wifed up to the most amazing girl in the world (image of the said girl above) and mom to also two beautiful fur babies! 

Traveling is what I lie for in life, that and being a softball coach/player. I'm active and always on the go finding the new adventure that awaits us. Being able to make people smile to get that perfect picture is what makes me smile! 


I got into photography right when I first met my wife out in Montana, I didn't really know too much about the photog life but I was here for it! I caught on quickly and was able to capture amazing images for our ziplining clients. BigSky has taught me to look at the beauty in life and all the details it has to offer. 


Photography is a way to freeze perfect moments and keep them forever! It's important for our history as humans, to visualize the past and help us look forward to the future.  


Fun Fact

I was a college softball player turned assistant coach! When I was playing and coaching I used to tell my girls that I played with Cat Osterman at Texas. (Cat was a freshman at Texas in 02... I was 8 yrs old.) 

Favorite Drink

I always have to get two drinks for Starbucks a Double Chocolate Chip Frap and a Strawberry Acai (trenta) 

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