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Esten // Family session

Andy and Denise have been so welcoming and just over all wonderful! As soon as we moved to Vancouver it was Britts mission to befriend the neighbor boy, Esten (2) . After about three weeks of daily interaction and some forcing love me hugs, Esten finally fell in love with Britt and thank the Lord! I don't know if I could take one more minute of "oh Estens outside lets see if he'll love me today". Thanks to Britts somewhat forcing love the family was so excited to ask us to photograph his two year pictures, because he wont smile for anyone else but us!

Naturally we said yes!

I love Washington's landscapes, their so full of life, rivers, hills, mountains, tree and cliffs, it doesn't matter which direction you look in you'll see all these amazingly beautiful sights! So picking a location was so easy, because no matter where you go its beautiful! We had never been to lewisville park just outside battle ground but we always passed it on the way to one of britt and I favorite hangout spots, so I was super excited when the family picked it to be their session spot because I love finding new places to shot! I location was perfect river, trees, rocks and an open field, it couldn't have been more perfect!!

I love this family so much and Im so excited for their next journey as they get ready to move! it was such a joy to get to photograph them and the little ones!

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